February 1, 2008
February 1, 2008

January 21, 2008

Morse by Nightmares On Wax, La Goutte D'or, Pharoah Sanders, and more.

  1. Morse by Nightmares On Wax – One of my favorite songs by this artist. This track makes me think of cooking eggs on a Sunday afternoon…mmmm.
  2. La Goutte D’or – St. Germain has a number of great tracks and this one is no exception. It’s on their most popular album “Tourist” — if you don’t have this album yet, click the above link and buy it. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. Days to Come (Feat. Bajka) by Pharoah Sanders – I can’t get enough Bajka right now. If Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday fell madly in love and gave birth to a baby girl…well, you get the idea.
  4. Un Simple Histoirie by Thievery Corporation – I know, you saw Garden State and loved that Lebanese Blonde song, right? Well there is more to this band than just that track so go out and expand your Thievery Corp. library.
  5. Easejimi by Nightmares On Wax – I have broken a cardinal rule and put two songs by the same artist in one set…but it wasn’t me, it was the one armed man.
  6. Afros In Ya by J Boogie – That old school, jazz infused hip hop sound makes this song perfect for a hipster lounge or gallery opening.
  7. Got To Be Love (Paul Nice Remix) by Greyboy – I was playing this song a bunch when I first got it, took a break, and just recently put it back in the rotation. It’s easy on the ears.
  8. You Don’t Know Me by Greenskeepers – A little more toosh on this one than most Bubble Bath tracks but I was feelin’ frisky.
  9. Dream Machine (Feat. Sean Hayes) by Mark Farina – A lot of folks have heard this jam already, its a classic. If you’re interested, check out the original version by Sean Hayes called Rattlesnake Charm.
  10. Bye by J Dilla – A true pioneer, J Dilla ends this Bubble Bath in style. This track is on his last album entitled Donuts. It was released three days before his death in February 2006.